During my internship at Rosebud, Inc. I had the great opportunity to work as illustrator assistant next to illustrator Cristina Bianchi for the magazine “Bene Collection 2014“.

On one hand my task was to rework the anatomy and promotion of all human characters and to position them in the room, sitting on chairs and placing them next to tables in a natural behaivior.
On the other hand I helped out to draw some of Benes products (furniture) in Bianchis art style and some other smaller objects. All parts got together in a huge wimmelpicture.

Agency Rosebud, Inc.
Creative Direction Ralf Herms
Art Direction Cristina Bianchi, Jolanda Buck
Illustration Cristina Bianchi
Illustration Assistant Nora Maria Sieß
Graphic Design Jolanda Buck

The Project presented by Cristina Bianchis Behance portfolio.